Our Activities

Biodiversity conservation from the inside

1. Working groups

The regular work of JBIB is carried out in working groups. Meetings are held every month for study and practical work. Topics of working groups are reviewed each year in accordance with the interests of member companies. In 2014 there are five working groups. From page 8, you can read about the activities and achievements of each group.

2. Lectures and seminars

In order to learn about the latest achievements in this field and to deepen our understanding on biodiversity and ecosystems, we invite university professors and other external specialists and hold lectures for JBIB members on topics of interest five to six times a year.

3. Dialogue with NGOs and authorities

We convey our perception of issues and exchange information with NGOs and government agencies, and host dialogue meetings with persons in charge at the relevant authorities. Government agencies and authorities often ask for our opinions from our stance as corporations. Our Executive Director (the head of the secretariat) and member company representatives are also members of relevant government committees.

4. Ecosystem experience

Most of JBIB’s activities take place in meeting rooms indoors, but since the focus is on biodiversity and ecosystems, it is essential to know about and actually experience this in real life. A few times each year we make study visits to some outstanding examples of good practice to hear from biodiversity conservation experts and people active in the field. Once a year we go out for a study tour of two days and one night.

5. Informal meetings for executives

Twice a year we hold informal meetings for executives of JBIB member companies where we convey the most recent news about JBIB activities and business and biodiversity. We also discuss how businesses can embed biodiversity in their daily management. This is a rare and precious opportunity for business executives to deepen their understanding and learn from each other.

6. Seminars at environmental exhibitions

The Eco-Products Exhibition is the largest environmental trade fair held annually in Japan, showcasing a broad variety of environmentally responsible products and services. Every year JBIB organizes a seminar in conjunction with the fair. Many company representatives and employees with an interest in environmental issues visit the exhibition. The JBIB seminars are popular learning opportunities that allow them to catch up on the latest and hottest topics on biodiversity.

7. Annual symposium “Business Talking Biodiversity”

This is the symposium that inspired the start of JBIB. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd. holds this symposium every year. The purpose is to convey the most recent knowledge and showcase good practices in the field of business and biodiversity. Many corporate participants are repeaters who come back every year. Since 2007 this symposium has been held seven times.

8. JBIB Challenge 2020

In 2010, prior to the CBD COP11 we discussed how we as private companies should consider our goals for biodiversity conservation and take serious actions toward them with a view to the year 2020. We prepared an agenda, called “JBIB Challenge 2020,” to enable member companies to see how they stand in conserving biodiversity and using resources received from ecosystems in a sustainable way in their daily operations. At JBIB, this is used as an agenda to be achieved by the member companies by 2020, along with the Aichi Biodiversity Targets.

9. Outgoing Lectures

We are confident in our belief that JBIB members are Japan’s leaders in terms of corporate biodiversity conservation measures. Members are working proactively based on experiences gained through active membership in JBIB. As a result, JBIB and its member companies are often invited to speak at conferences, seminars and symposia both within Japan and abroad. As a group we take part in numerous international expert consultations and workshops. We appreciate these opportunities to share our experience, and always welcome inquiries about speakers or collaboration on projects. Some of our past experiences are as follows:

  • Invited to speak at ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity (ACB) South-East Asian Regional Workshop on Business and Biodiversity (Bangkok), 2009
  • Invited as a panelist at The Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) The Amsterdam Global Conference on Sustainability and Transparency (Amsterdam), 2010
  • Co-organizing a seminar at CBD COP10 with ACB (Nagoya), 2010
  • Invited to speak at CSR Asia Summit (Kuala Lumpur), 2011
  • Co-organizing a seminar with Birdlife International, Bombay Natural History Society and other organizations, and invited to speak at a side event organized by APFED (Asia-Pacific Forum for Environment and Development), both at CBD COP11 (Hyderabad), 2012.