JBIB Challenge 2020

As private companies, we depend on both biodiversity and ecosystem services to continue our daily operations, but we also have an impact on them. We recognize that we are expected to play more proactive roles to achieve the three objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity: the conservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use of its components, and fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of the utilization of genetic resources.
JBIB is a group of companies committed to conservation of biodiversity. We aim to provide society with ways to achieve conservation of biodiversity and sustainable use of biological resources via our collaborative efforts for coexistence of business and ecosystems.
To promote these efforts, we have prepared the following 12-item checklist for each company to use as a common guideline and agenda to fulfill. JBIB will conduct annual surveys of the progress made by the companies for each of the items to spur on efforts for even higher levels of achievement by 2020.

  • Identify our business dependence on, and benefits from, biodiversity, and share them throughout the company.
  • Identify our business impacts on biodiversity and share them throughout the company.


  • Establish company policy and objectives both long and medium-term for biodiversity conservation and take action to conserve biodiversity accordingly.
  • Establish a responsible procurement policy to conserve biodiversity and purchase materials and goods accordingly.
  • Promote awareness and education for both management and staff about biodiversity.
  • Collaborate with external agencies such as NGOs and research institutions that work for biodiversity conservation and support their activities.
  • Disclose to and share with the public, company initiatives on biodiversity conservation.


  • Avoid development and use of land with high conservation value.
  • Understand the environmental surroundings of our operational sites and manage them properly, taking into account the conservation of the local species, habitats and ecosystems.
  • Carry out business with consideration of impacts on biodiversity throughout the life cycles of our products and services.
  • Continue efforts to reduce to zero the impacts of our business activities on biodiversity.
  • Understand that local cultures, lives and economies are supported by local biodiversity, make sustainable use of biological resources (including genetic resources), and share such benefits in a fair and equitable manner.

Since the adoption of “JBIB Challenge 2020” in 2010 each member company has been moving forward in line with each of the goals. We have since then compiled the results of our work every spring and have confirmed that steady progress is being made.