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Business and social activities to conserve biodiversity


Kao is promoting the conservation of biodiversity through both its business and social activities based on its Basic Policies on Conservation of Biodiversity.

Case 1: Formulation of the Guidelines for Sustainable Procurement of Raw Materials and efforts taken for procurement of sustainable materials
Based on recognition of environmental issues such as global warming and degradation of biodiversity, resource restrictions, human rights, and other challenges, Kao formulated the Guidelines for Sustainable Procurement of Raw Materials with the aim to achieve sustainable procurement of raw materials, and is conducting activities with the following two objectives. “By 2020, Kao will (1) purchase only sustainably sourced palm oil that is traceable to the plantation for use in Kao group consumer products, and with the cooperation of plantations, suppliers, and third party organizations, will confirm zero deforestation at the source; and (2) purchase only recycled paper or sustainably sourced paper and pulp for use in Kao products, packaging and office paper, and in the event that non-recycled pulp is used, only pulp that is traceable to the source will be used, and Kao will, with the cooperation of suppliers and third-party organizations, confirm zero deforestation at the source.”

With regard to palm oil, as a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Kao began purchasing certified palm oil from 2010. The purchase of certified palm oil and palm kernel oil is currently advanced mainly through the mass balance system. Kao also aims to build a Kao-group traceable supply chain by 2020, and 12 plants in Japan and overseas acquired RSPO SCCS certification in 2014.
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Harvesting oil palm

Fruits of the oil palm

Case 2: Kao Kashima Plant acquires third-party certification from ABINC
In February 2015, Kao’s Kashima Plant acquired the “Certification for Business Facilities Engaging in Conservation of Biodiversity” from the Association for Business Innovation in Harmony with Nature and Community (ABINC). This was the first time for a plant to be certified.

Trees such as Japanese Machilus, Cleyera Japonica, Ilex integra, Zelkova serrata, Quercas serrata, and Kobus magnolia used to grow in the Kashima area. When the Kashima plant began operations in 1980, the staff planted these trees along with a mixture of various trees to achieve a steady layer of tall trees, low trees, and shrubs. This greenery is still kept up in line with the original plan that was designed at that time with a vision looking 50 years into the future. This time’s certification appraised this program to conserve greenery centering on vegetation planted so many years ago, as well as measures initiated in recent years to maintain biodiversity such as working for harmony with the neighboring ecosystems and monitoring the living things on the grounds.

Kao will continue to advance efforts taken by its plants that give due consideration to local biodiversity.


Kashima Plant