JBIB Overview


Proactive Business for Biodiversity Conservation

JBIB is a group of Japanese corporations committed to biodiversity conservation. The initiative was launched in 2008 with 14 companies. Now it has grown to a group
of 55 leading companies representing many different business fields. We are persistently moving toward our goal of balancing business operations with the necessity of biodiversity conservation.



The reason for a corporation to conserve biodiversity is not just because it is ethical or contributes to society. Biodiversity provides what we call ecosystem services, a variety of rich bounties and functions very important for human society and business operations as well. Every corporation depends on such ecosystem services in some way. It is, for example, obvious that companies using food, wood, paper or fiber as raw materials would not be able to continue their businesses without such natural resources provided by ecosystem services. Other companies need clear water and clean air, and those resources are purified as they circulate in the ecosystem. Factories and offices are protected from natural disasters like storms, landslides and tsunami by surrounding forests. Most tourism businesses cannot exist without some beautiful nature. These are all different forms of ecosystem services. Biodiversity and ecosystem services, therefore, are the natural capital that supports all businesses.


But when companies make use of ecosystem services, there is, unfortunately, some impact or influence on biodiversity and the ecosystem. As the business grows, impact also grows, and this can even become counterproductive. When biodiversity is lost, it will no longer be possible to make use of the ecosystem services. Accordingly, business operations will come to an end. This is the precisely the reason why it is necessary for corporations to conserve biodiversity and ecosystems. Just like our efforts to retain financial capital, we shall strive to prevent deterioration of our natural capital.


In order to fulfill the three objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity, namely, the conservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use of its components, and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits arising out of the utilization of genetic resources, corporations are expected to take on a more proactive role than before. What one company can do
is limited, and efforts are not efficient when a company acts alone. We therefore have all the corporations in JBIB exchange experiences and together investigate the issue of biodiversity conservation from a global perspective. With this experience at our foundation, we raise the level of our efforts. This is how we work to do our part in achieving the aforementioned three objectives of CBD.

Our Objectives


JBIB aims to make substantial contributions toward the conservation of biodiversity in our capacity as corporations. We have set the objectives of our activities as follows and will keep continuing to make such efforts.


To explore links between business and biodiversity and to use that knowledge in our business practices


To promote dialogues and collaborations with stakeholders


To share good practices within Japan and abroad


To advocate and undertake educational efforts for the promotion of biodiversity conservation


To conduct projects to fulfill the aforementioned objectives