Building upon our accomplishments to approach our goals

A message from the JBIB chairman


Greetings! My name is FUJII Shiro, Executive Vice President of MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings, Inc. I have just assumed the position of chairman of JBIB (Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity) from Mr. SHIN Yoshiaki who has served as JBIB chairman for as many as 10 years since its foundation in 2008.
On behalf of the members of JBIB, I would like to say how very thrilled we are to participate in CBD COP14 with our like-minded colleagues from around the world. JBIB began its activities in Japan in 2008. I understand that this was a time when interest in biodiversity was rising among Japanese companies due to the decision for Japan to host COP10 in Nagoya in 2010. JBIB was launched by a group of companies engaging proactively to conserve biodiversity. In the beginning, the companies had not clearly organized their thoughts about what they could or should do for biodiversity, and so JBIB started by more or less feeling its way about.
Over the past decade, however, the relationship between companies and biodiversity has been firmly defined, and JBIB has been engaging in initiatives along those lines.Outcomes of our activities include the formulation of tools and guidelines: the Business and Biodiversity Interrelationship Map, JBIB Guidelines for Sustainable Business Sites, Corporate Water Management Guide to Conserve Biodiversity, Guidelines for Forestation for Harmony with Nature, and Guide for Promotion of Raw Material Procurement for Business in Consideration of Biodiversity. And, last year, in 2017, high praise of these activities led to JBIB winning the Excellence Award of the 5th Japan Awards for Biodiversity, sponsored by the AEON Environmental Foundation.
I myself had the opportunity to visit Indonesia in November 2017 to see the forestation and local support activities that have been promoted by the MS&AD group over the past 14 years in Paliyan district, Yogyakarta. Going to the site, actually witnessing the relationship between biodiversity and the livelihoods of the people, and noting how the efforts taken in this one community in Yogyakarta had farreaching effects over a wide area of 350 hectares in the restoration of biodiversity, helped me realize how an initiative taken by a company has large impacts on a community. In addition, with regard to the recent global inclination for corporate participation in promoting the SDGs, the fact that conservation of biodiversity and the promotion of responsible consumption and production are included in the goals as important challenges to address has renewed my understanding of the significance of activities that have been taken by JBIB up to now. It is, of course, imperative that we further contribute to the promotion of the SDGs for their achievement by 2030, but I also believe that it is my responsibility as chairman to accelerate the activities of JBIB as we approach the goal year for the Aichi Biodiversity Targets, just two years away.
In 2018, JBIB announced the Declaration of Support for Zero Deforestation to address the globally important challenge of achieving zero deforestation. Through this, we at JBIB will continue our activities to encourage more companies in Japan to pledge their commitment to zero deforestation.
However, the reality is that in order to achieve these goals, there are still many challenges that we companies must address and overcome. At CBD COP14, we hope to share ideas, expertise, and experiences with companies and specialists from around the world and take part in constructive discussions. Over the next two years, let us together make our last spurt to achieve the Aichi Targets.
On behalf of the JBIB on the occasion of CBD COP14,

Japan Business Initiative for Biodiversity